Private Rentals

Waterpark Rental

Includes Water Playground, Slides, and River Ride

  • There is a two-hour minimum rental time for full park rental and water playground rental.
  • 100-guest minimum requirement, 50-guest minimum for water playground only rental
  • Start and end times for all attractions must be the same.
  • Rentals are available when the park is not open to the public.
  • Rental times vary depending on the day and time of year.
  • Children under one are FREE.
  • Toddlers 1 & 2 are excluded from the minimum entrance requirements, but will be required to pay $5.50 + tax per toddler (includes a water diaper).
  • Sales of any kind (food, beverage, admission, etc.) are prohibited on waterpark property.
  • Alcohol Beverages are prohibited on waterpark property.

Rental Options:

  • Minimum 2 Hour Rental:  $1,650.00 + tax (Lap/Competition Pool and Light Fee are not included.)
  • Each Additional Hour:  $825.00 + tax
  • Per Guest Charge:   $12.00 per guest + tax

Minimum Rental Total $2850.00 + tax (includes attraction fee and per guest fee)

Water Playground Rental Only

  • Minimum 2-Hour Rental:  $450.00 + tax
  • Each Additional Hour: $225.00 + tax
  • Per Guest Charge $12.00 per guest + tax

Minimum Rental Total $1050.00 + tax (includes attraction fee and per guest fee)

Additional Rates - Calypso Bay Only

  • Lap Pool w/ diving boards $200.00 + tax for each hour
  • Light Fee (evening rentals only) $40.00 + tax for each additional hour or 1/2 hour

*Please note that the payment of the two-hour rental plus the additional rental time and the 100-person/guest charge must be made in full at the time of reserving the waterpark. Additional guest charges exceeding the minimum and additional novelty items must be secured via a credit card and will be charged at the end of the park rental.

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